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YASKAWA offers a diverse lineup of painting system packages to meet your specific needs. This lineup ranges from the MOTOFEEDER package optimized for painting small work pieces to painting systems for the inner and outer panels of automobiles and extra-large work pieces such as train carriages and construction equipment.We can propose a painting system package optimized for your work piece size, installation space, and other specific requirements.

Painting Package

Target Customer

Automotive Plastic Parts
We provide an industry-tailored automation process.
YASKAWA offers Painting and a variety of automated solution for small automotive plastic parts such as bumpers,
garnish and back mirrors. Have experience the automation of plastic parts processes  to production automation solutions.


General Industries
We provide an industry-tailored automation process.
From small electronic devices to large appliances, the painting system is applied to enhance the aesthetic and quality
of the product. Have experience quality improvement by offering customized solutions with YASKAWA.

Painting Robot

New type compact robot optimized for painting MOTOMAN-MPX1150/MPX1400/MPX1950 and the feedback signal for production management.

More Detail : MPX1500 / MPX1400 / MPX1950


Rotational Workpiece Feeder for Painting MOTOFEEDER (Single and Double spindle)

This workpiece feeder enables you to handle a workpiece while another workpiece is painted by a robot, and helps optimization of cycle time. This product can be used with all the painting robots for DX200 controller.


DF Series

A DF series spray booth has no washing chamber. Instead, the fan draws overspray into a filter box at the back of the booth. This traps the paint and allows clean air to be exhausted. The disposable filter box use principle of inertia separation. The overspray suffers several radical changes in direction. The paint particles, heavier than air, are projected out of the air stram.


VT Series

The VT series spray booth uses the unique, patented venturi plate to provide continual mixing throughout the tank. A fan create a high velocity air stream across venturi throat. This causes the surface to shear and liquid is entrained by the air.


Paint Circulation System (PCS)

Every customer has different requirements on the way of feeding a paint to their applicator. ThaiPollutech has developed a standard set of PCS (Paint Circulation System) to meet customer's need. Our model ranges from small paint usage and frequent change color.


Standard Gun Control Unit

Standard Gun control unit is made to control spray gun parameters. Varieties of an option are available to be chosen to suit users’ requirements. Paint parameters can be adjusted both manually and automatically. A user can track production data with our software.


Precision Gear Pump

A gear pump provides accurate paint dosing. Our precision gear pumps are available in 0.6 cc/rev, 1.2 cc/rev or 3.0 cc/rev models. A bypass function comes as a standard function for fast flushing and loading of paint.




Basic Package

Painting robot and paint system with painting booth


Target Customer

  • Already have a spray booth.
  • To replace manual sprayer.
  • Low cost investment.


Standard Package

Painting robot and paint system with painting booth


Target Customer

  • Don’t have spray booth or want to replace the old one with a robotic.
  • Completed with dynamic air chamber to fresh air supply.


Premium Package

Painting robot and paint system with painting booth



Target Customer

  • Request full automation. completed with a painting robot and a handling robot.
  • Handing robot to be integrated with a loading conveyor and a baking oven.


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