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SolrenView web-based monitoring provides PV system owners a highly accurate and real time web-based monitoring solution to maximize efficiency and profitability of their solar assets. Solectria Renewables’ SolrenView monitoring solution is available for use with residential, commercial and utility-scale inverters, allowing for real-time, seamless recording and reporting of PV system production. The SolrenView data logger comes standard and fully-integrated within all 3-ph central and utility-scale inverters. A standalone SolrenView data logger is available for single-phase inverters. The complete SolrenView system features inverter direct monitoring, revenue grade monitoring, agency reporting, SolZone™ sub-array current monitoring, XML feed, kiosk view and weather station monitoring. CLICK HERE to view a site with all SolrenView options.



SolrenView Inverter Direct monitoring allows customers to see detailed operational inverter data (DC and AC) using a web enabled device. This standard package allows customers to view daily, weekly, monthly, and annual graphs up to 5 years into the past, viewing single events or long-term performance trends. The package includes e-mail and cell phone alerts with detailed descriptions of system issues and a recommended course of action.


SolrenView Revenue Grade Energy Production Monitoring package option keeps track of lifetime energy produced by a customers PV system. This package also includes e-mail alarms with detailed descriptions of system problems and a recommended course of action. Compatible with all third party inverters.


SolZone provides an extra level of granularity to see multiple sub-array DC currents. SolZone has the ability to compare individual PV zones against each other based on the number of sub-array fuses or ‘zones’ built into a Solectria factory-installed DC Subcombiner. SolZone is also compatible with most third party monitoring systems.


SolrenView Agency Reporting is for customers that require a revenue grade energy production report to be sent to an agency such as Mass CEC, NEPOOL, PGE, SCE, CCSE and IID. A monthly report is generated from SolrenView Revenue Grade metering outputs and sent directly to the agency of choice. Solectria Renewables’ staff works directly with agencies to activate and maintain solar production credit accounts.


SolrenView Weather Station is a real-time weather package which allows customers to view accurate readings of crucial environmental information that affect the performance of your PV system. The weather station comes standard with a solar irradiance sensor as well as temperature sensors for ambient and module measurements. Wind speed and wind direction sensors are additional options that may be added to the weather station. The weather station is a great educational tool and a must-have for PPAs. Complies with RS485 SunSpec Environmental Sensor System.


The SolrenView AIR option permits customers to take advantage of SolrenView web-based monitoring features via a fully-integrated 3G cellular modem when standard internet access is not available at a site. SolrenView AIR may be factory integrated for any inverter 50 kW and greater (PVI 50-100KW, SGI 225-500PE, SGI 500XT & SGI 500/750XTM inverters).


SolrenView XML feed option provides a reporting framework for customers with a need to display real-time monitoring information about their solar system within their applications or web sites in a custom format.


The Kiosk View (Animated View) provides customers with a clean, simple view and quick, easy access to a customer’s PV system performance. This is a great tool for advertising and public viewing. When the “Animated View” button is clicked on the SolrenView screen, SolrenView will continously loop though the site overview, environmental foot print, project details, site analytics, and if applicable, the detailed analytics page. For an example, click here and click “Animated View” at the top to view an example.

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