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Although compact and low-priced, the Σ-S-Series Servos also provide real servo capabilities.
They provide the capabilities of positioning servos that are ideal for converting pneumatic equipment to Servomotors.
If you thought a servo system could not handle your application, think again and try the Σ-S Series.

Compact and Lightweight


Σ-7S ????????

DC power supply input.

Two types of reference interfaces:
Contact commands (program table method) and pulse train references.

The PCB format (80 mm × 123 mm) provides a high degree of installation freedom and helps you downsize equipment.


SGMSL Servomotors

Σ-7S ????????

Rated output of 30 W or 50 W.

Rated Motor Speed/Maximum Motor Speed:
3,000 min-1/6,000 min-1 (30 W) or
3,000 min-1/3,000,min-1 (50 W)

Models are available with 25 mm × 25 mm or 40 mm × 40 mm flanges to help you downsize equipment.

ModelRated OutputTotal LengthShaft DiameterSquare Flange
SGMSL-A3 30 W 85 mm

5 dia.

25 mm 180 g
SGMSL-A5 50 W 92 mm 8 dia. 40 mm 350 g



Low Prices and Greater Savings in Energy and Costs

A magnetic encoder is used and general-purpose AC Servo Drive performances and functions have been reduced to only those necessary to replace pneumatic equipment to achieve an amazingly low price.
And AC Servo Drive technology has been put to work to greatly reduce energy usage in comparison with pneumatic equipment or stepping motors to cut equipment running costs.


Easy Operation and Increased Productivity

With the rated motor speed of 3,000 min-1 and acceleration/deceleration control, you can reduce takt time.

You can use Yaskawa’s SigmaWin+ Engineering Tool (free of charge) from trial operation to servo tuning and programming to easily complete setup.

You can use flexible drive patterns to eliminate the need for changeovers for different workpieces.


SERVOPACK with Contact Commands (Program Table Method)

Positioning functions are built in, eliminating the need for motion programming in the host controller.

Just enter numeric values into the tables provided by SigmaWin+ to easily program operation.

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