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FY2015 Yaskawa Electric Corporation Financial Results

IRApr 21, 2016


Listed Company Name : YASKAWA Electric Corporation

Stock Exchange listings : Tokyo (First section), Fukuoka

Stock ticker number : 6506


Business Performance of Fiscal Year 2015 (Fiscal year ended March 20, 2016)


Slowdown of Chinese as well as emerging nations’ economies and transition to appreciation of the yen since the turn of the year strengthened uncertainty about the future, while the overall global economy was steady buoyed mainly by firm demand in the U.S. and Europe.


The overall Japanese economy was firm backed by the growth in corporate earnings and the gradual increase of capital expenditures, although the impact of downside economy of the emerging nations was concerned.


Under these market conditions, the Yaskawa Group aimed at expanding business by developing new business domains and increasing competitiveness and profitability through launch of new products.


AC servo business progressed well in terms of sales for machine tools and semiconductor market in the U.S., although the recovery of a demand for smartphone related instrumental investment delayed with the Chinese slow economy effect. The progression of switching to the new product "Σ-7" series has improved profitability.


AC drive business generally continued to build a steady growth as the U.S. subsidiary Solectria Renewables, LLC extended sales of power conditioner for photovoltaic generation, while it showed a sluggish demand on the oil and gas related business in the U.S. and on the infrastructure related business in China.

As a result, net sales in the same period last year remained flat, operating income increased.


Robotics business - Automotive field that develops its main products such as welding and painting robots remained at a high level with a considerably improved profitability by a sustained demand around the developed countries, while Yaskawa faced tough market competition due to a declined Chinese economy from the beginning of the year.


We expanded robot centers over the world that help the customers and system integrators consider and validate a new installation of robots. These centers are applicable for the rest of automotive related industry such as food industry, etc, and we focused on an aggressive sales effort.


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