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Partial Corrections to the Supplements to Financial Results for FY2020

IRApr 22, 2021

This is to inform you that there were corrections in the Supplements to Financial Results for FY2020.


Corrected part

Results Briefing for FY2020 P.27

『Capital Expenditure, R&D Investment, Forex Rates and Sensitivity』page


Corrected contents 


 ・Capital expenditure  FY2020(Results)                     22.75 Billion Yen

 ・Depreciation and Amortization  FY2020(Results)    16.08 Billion Yen



 ・Capital expenditure  FY2020(Results)                     22.79 Billion Yen

 ・Depreciation and Amortization  FY2020(Results)    16.09 Billion Yen


Corrected contents 


 ・Capital expenditure  FY2019(Results)                     24.23 Billion Yen

 ・Depreciation and Amortization  FY2019(Results)    16.21 Billion Yen



 ・Capital expenditure  FY2019(Results)                     25.47 Billion Yen

 ・Depreciation and Amortization  FY2019(Results)    16.75 Billion Yen


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