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Our product, "Enewin", adopts world's only medium-voltage Matrix Converter technology to converter for power generation.
And AC-AC direct conversion achieves power conversion efficiency of about 98%.
Matrix method makes simplified system and long-life design possible.

The matrix converter simplifies system configurations

Conventional System Configuration


Enewin System Configuration


Matrix Converter for Large Wind Turbine Enewin-MX1

High-Efficiency Operation

High-voltage Matrix Converter technology has been utilized in converters for wind power generation.
This technology enables to AC-AC direct conversion, consequently, it leads to achievement of power conversion efficiency of about 98%.

Quality Power Supply

Sinusoidal waveforms have been achieved both at the generator and grid sides.
High quality power can be supplied without taking measures against harmonics.

Power Generation with Very Low Speed

An unrestricted speed control range enables operation from very low speeds.
This contributes to increased generating capacity.

Low Maintenance

The simple circuit configuration cuts down on the number of parts.
Maintenance is easy.
This helps to reduce running costs.


Permanent Magnet Multipole Synchronous Generator Enewin-Generator

Compact & Flat, Weight-Saving

This configuration makes nacell design easy. Additionally, weightsaving can make total weight of nacell to reduce, and to improve strength and to cut costs.

High Efficiency

The efficiency of power generation has been improved by higher voltage.
Additionally, the reduction of the number of gears can make the loss of wind energy to reduce.

Design with Fewer Magnets

Our original technology made the reduction of magnet possible compared with conventional products, and also helped to cost reduction.

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