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Understanding Yaskawa with Five Keywords

NewsApr 07, 2017

Vision 2025 lays out the direction of our management toward the future in the Mechatronics, Clean Power and Humatronics domains to realise the goals of empowering innovation, delivering results and respecting life.
Yaskawa, started with the production of motors for coal mines and has continued its progress along with the global development, as it manufactured products applying its motor technology for more than one century.
Yaskawa's core technologies are motion control, robotics and power conversion. AC servo motors, AC drives and industrial robots were developed based on these core technologies. These are the three world's best products of Yaskawa, boasting high levels of performance and market share.

In the late 1960s, Yaskawa pioneered the concept of "Mechatronics," combining our customers' machinery, "mechanism" with our electronics products to yield greater performance. As the concept of "Mechatronics" quickly became widespread, Yaskawa continued to develop innovative products that evolved machines and manufacturing with its passion for "world first".


The Yaskawa headquarters in Kitakyushu, Japan was renovated and opened as Robot Village on 1 June 2015. The Robot Village is divided into six zones, the greenbelt, YASKAWA Innovation Center, YASKAWA History Museum, robot factories, the head office building, and the cafeteria. Robot village is an environmentally-friendly premise and has reduced its CO2 emission by half the conventional facility.

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