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Designed for universal tasks - MOTOMAN MPX3500 for painting applications

ProductFeb 26, 2016

Robot specialist Yaskawa presents a fast, flexible and versatile paint robot in the form of the MOTOMAN MPX3500.

The new product distinguishes itself by compact design, broad work envelope, high payload and availability, combined with simple programming and installation. It is thus ideally suited to a wide range of coating tasks, from bumpers to construction equipment and many other workpieces. In particular, the MPX3500 offers extensive advantages for use in the automotive industry.

Fast colour changes, a high degree of flexibility and high standard of quality are among the criteria to be met by modern paint robots. This is especially applicable to the automotive industry, where increasing variation possibilities must be realised with the lowest possible unit costs. Yaskawa has responded to this requirement with the newly developed MOTOMAN MPX3500.


Short programming times

Thanks to the high loading capacity (15 kg) of the hollow wrist, the six-axis robot can be fitted with a wide range of rotary atomizers. Whether it is car bodies or mounting parts: efficient multi-colour painting is easily possible. When wall-mounted, its large motion range of 3,500mm makes the MOTOMAN MPX3500 particularly suitable for use in large cells. In order to keep programming times as short as possible, the motion data can be simply mirrored by a further robot on the opposite side of the painting line.

The compact design and construction of the L-axis of the MOTOMAN MPX3500 enables installation of the manipulator without a lateral offset. It can thus be positioned closer to the workpiece, saving valuable space. The internal routing of cables and hoses prevents possible interference.

The highly flexible MOTOMAN MPX3500 paint robot guarantees high availability, as well as simple programming and installation. It is controlled by the high-performance DX200 which guarantees a high motion quality. The high-performance control is optionally available with the Functional Safety Unit (FSU) for improved safety functions.

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