MP3300 Controller Starter

Step 0: MP3300 Introductory Course

1. About this Course

2. System Configuration

3. MP3300-Series Machine Controller

4. MPE720 Version 7 Engineering Tool


Step 1: Operating the Motor without Programming

5. Items to Learn

6. MP3300 Setup and Self Configuration

7. Executing Self Configuration

8. Starting MPE720 Version 7

9. Interface Configuration of the MPE720

10. Project Files

11. Creating a Project File

12. Ethernet Communications Settings

13. Loading Definition Files

14. Checking Definition Files

15. Checking SERVOPACK Parameters

16. Setting the Scan Time

17. Saving Definition Files to Flash Memory

18. Operating a Motor

19. Exiting MPE720 Version 7

20. Ending of Step 1


Step 2: Operating the Motor with a Ladder Program

21. Items to Learn

22. Setting Group Definition and Logical Axis Name

23. Ladder Program

24. Creating a Ladder Program

25. Tab Page to Edit Ladder Programs

26. Editing the H Drawing: Inserting Ladder Objects

27. Editing the H Drawing: Comments and Register Addresses

28. Editing the H Drawing: Copying and Pasting Rungs

29. Editing the H Drawing: SEE Instruction

30. Compiling the H Drawing

31. Editing the H01 Drawing: STORE Instruction

32. Operation Panel

33. Operating a Motor: Jogging

34. Increasing the Speed

35. Operating the Motor with a Sine Wave Pattern

36. Operating the Motor with STEP Operation


Step 3: Operating the Motor with a Motion Program

37. Items to Learn

38. Motion Program

39. Preparing a Motion Program

40. Editing the H Drawing

41. Editing the H04 Drawing (Rising Pulse and MSEE Instruction)

42. Creating a Motion Program

43. Positioning

44. Linear Interpolation

45. Circular Interpolation

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